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About: keys.Goetze.IT!

keys.Goetze.IT is a key-generator for the public and for some picked person a more productive tool.
Notice: All the keys, which are shown on this page are not stored at any machine! (potential exception: your computer, if your browser is not configured well) All of this passwords and keys are generated locally by a script inside your browser session at your computer and are not send thru the internet. This server delivers only all the parts your browser need to generate the page you see on your screen!
(To generate a new set of passwords or keys, press the chapter title or manually reload the page. (on most browsers: <command/control> - R))

table of password and key categories offered here:
  • memorable passwords:
  • strong passwords:
  • Fort Knox passwords:
  • 256-bit keys:
  • define your requirements:
  • PGP key generator:

memorable passwords - perfect for securing your computer or mobile device, or somewhere brute force is detectable:
strong passwords - robust enough to keep your web hosting account secure:
Fort Knox passwords - secure enough for almost anything, like root or administrator passwords:
256-bit keys - can be used for any key requirement, e.g. CodeIgniter Encryption:
define your requirements - a password according to your own requirements and needs:
Password Length:
Include Symbols:
Include Numbers:
Include Lowercase Characters:
Include Uppercase Characters:
Exclude Similar Characters:
Exclude Ambiguous Characters:
Generate On Your Device:
Save My Preference:
Generate Password
Your New Password:
PGP key generator - easy-to-use client-side PGP key generator:

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